Svidna Boyd

Veterinary Surgeon

Svidna Boyd - Veterinary Surgeon
Svidna Boyd MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon

I grew up in Bulgaria where in the 80s and 90s we still had a lot of stray animals. I always managed to somehow end up with a whole pack to feed outside my home and I used to drive my parents crazy by taking home any abandoned kitten or puppy I found on the street. I knew I wanted to be a vet at the age of 10 and to this day I cannot imagine myself doing anything else.

As a clinical vet I have always had passion for surgery and diagnostic imaging which progressed into an interest in emergency medicine. This led me to joining NEVC in September 2019.  I love how different each day is, I find managing emergency cases is fast, challenging and hugely rewarding.

I have started a GPCert in small animal emergency medicine and surgery in January to further my knowledge and skills in this particular area.

I love exercising and reading and try to fit them in my busy family schedule as often as I could.